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Why does it work?

We help ourselves with 3 irrefutable laws to achieve it:

1. Human beings are social beings.​

Have you ever asked yourself why you’ve been studying a new language for so long. However, you are not able to articulate words in a conversation with a native speaker?

As the social beings we are, interacting with other people is how we really learn a language. While interacting with other people in real situations, your body and mind are activated naturally. You will be focused on solving the situation, not leaving any space for fears that could sabotage learning.

Literally, resolving common situations and interacting with other people changes your chip.

2. Coming out of your comfort zone is how you take advantage of your authentic potential.

You want results, but simply by waiting for them they will not arrive. If you never try, you will never be aware of the potential and qualities that you have not developed.

Through guided simulations we will provide a small controlled stress to provoke you to come out of your comfort zone. You are capable of much more than you think, and we will show you, this way.

Thanks to the challenges you will have to face on a daily basis:

  • We will face fear, we will defeat it and we will use that confidence to achieve your goals.
  • We will develop your authentic creativity, flexibility and decision-making capacity.

3. Repetition as a tool for success.

We will have a guided, intelligent and effective repetition on the right path.

Human beings don’t usually like change, actually resisting it when it appears. It seems that something exists in the mind they would like to maintain us in a routine. This is due to the existence of an area in our brain called amygdala, which is opposed to any change in the daily routine. This behaviour was very useful for our ancestors to survive many years ago, but it has little use in today's world.

How could we overcome this inclination? Daily repetition.

Through repetition, we will invert that brain circuit that prevents us from improving, teaching our brain that change is good. The mind will cease to be our enemy.