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Training for companies

Improve your personnel's linguistic abilities and increase productivity.

With great competition, where a multitude of companies compete for the same market share, the growth and productivity of a company are increasingly difficult to achieve. Establishing competitive advantages with respect to the competition will be mandatory to avoid falling into the decline of the company. The study of the value chain, within the internal analysis of the company, will provide information to be able to define the strong points.

The personnel who make the workforce are undoubtedly a fundamental piece in this value chain. No matter how complete the analysis of the environment or the correct execution of the distribution has been, if the client does not perceive our product or service as we want. For all this, being the company's staff the last step with the client in many cases, it is vitally important that the message defined in the strategy by the company be expressed correctly. With the intention of helping you add to your value chain, we have created a system to develop the necessary skills in your staff and they can have correct communication in Spanish.

It will be achieved through short, intense and continuous practical exposures to the language. Resolving everyday situations over the phone like:

  • Taking note of a supplier’s call
  • Making a reservation for a client
  • Holding an online meeting

Interacting daily with native speakers and trying to solve each situation, the staff will...

  • Expand their professional vocabulary. In this way, more effective conversations will be held, making it easier to get to the point without having to detour.
  • Improve their pronunciation. It does not matter what is known if you are not able to communicate it.
  • Increase their fluency. Thanks to the repetition of constant challenges, fear will disappear and will give way to confidence and fluency in speech.
  • ​Boost their creativity. Generating thoughts and behaviours that promote the best possible outcomes.
  • Improve their decision-making capacity. Given the short time that is available to solve each situation, the student learns to evaluate different options and choose the most appropriate in less time.