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Training centres

Increase the communications skills of your students with By Speaking, it will be the perfect complement for your centre.

Teaching Spanish language is currently at its best. The growing globalisation offers great opportunities for the creation and growth of all types of companies, thus causing some duties for their human resources.

Companies are looking for people with a high level of Spanish, which allows them to have a fluent conversation with suppliers, colleagues or clients. Communication skills in this language should be part of the student's integral education..

We know that your main objective is the highest standard for your students and for that reason we would like to help you improve your training.

Who do we address?

  • Professional training centre.

Since it does not matter what we know unless you know how to say it clearly and concisely, there are few professions where the Spanish language is not a requirement today. Communication skills in this language should be part of the student's integral education, it is no longer a complement as it was years ago.

Through our system they will improve their communication skills to have more effective conversations that will bring them closer to their goals.

  • ​Spanish academies

Given the high competition that currently exists in the market, the differentiating character of each academy will make a difference. The one that offers an integrated, coherent and practical training of the language will have the greatest probability for growth.

By improving your students training, you will add value to your teaching.