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Recruitment for companies

Add value to your selection process

We know how important the correct selection of personnel for your company is. Getting creative staff and communication skills will undoubtedly bring great value, becoming a very important factor for the growth or stagnation of the company.

It doesn’t matter how well we have analysed the market, distributed the resources or communicated the brand, if finally our client does not clearly perceive our product or service properly. The workforce should always add value, never lessen it.

Given that communication skills in the Spanish language will be a key element in this value chain, what will we look for in the candidates?

  • Vocabulary. Do they use professional language?

In the business world there is a great variety of specific vocabulary in each field. Good knowledge and command of it contributes great efficiency in any conversation, since it will be possible to treat the subject directly and without deviations.

  • Pronunciation. Does it lead to misunderstandings?

During a conversation it does not matter how much grammar you know if you do not know how to pronounce correctly. Bad pronunciation can lead to misunderstandings, which will undoubtedly affect a conversation negatively.

  • General English level. Is effective communication produced?

Sometimes, without a great amount of specific vocabulary, effective communication can be achieved thanks to the fluency and general knowledge of the language.

  • Decision making capability. Do they evaluate all possible situations and choose the best one?

The ability to process information, synthesise it and express (expound) it quickly and coherently is a great tool.

  • Creativity. Do they create alternatives that move towards the objective?

Since a conversation can derive in terms that had not been anticipated, generating adaptive behaviours to the new environment will be paramount.

The five points above will be evaluated thanks to our call system. The candidates will have to solve everyday situations by telephone such as:

  • Receiving a call from a client
  • Calling a supplier
  • Having a job interview.

A study of the most appropriate situations will be carried out according to the business activity in question and will be developed with native speaking staff who will simulate the setting.