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By Speaking method

How will we carry out the method?

Through telephonic calls by Skype (voice only) simulating real situations.

Every day you will have to solve common situations by telephone in English, such as:

  • Call a plumber about a leak at home.
  • ​Change some flight tickets.
  • Make a complaint about a delay in an online order for some clothes.
  • Make a reservation for a restaurant.
  • Have a job interview.

Each day you will have a different situation, having to resolve it with native speakers who will develop the situation.

The call consists of the first part of 1 to 2 minutes where the specialist native speaker explains the situation for the call, and the second part from 5 to 6 minutes where the conversation between the native speaker and the student is produced according to the situation. They would be from Monday to Friday, one per day, in the timetable that you select.

The call is made as real as possible: our native speakers won’t correct mistakes, they adapt to your level and focus on what you can solve in any situation by yourself.

You will quickly realise that you have more capable than you thought, being able to solve any situation yourself.

We will help you put into practice all that grammar that you have been learning for years.

Minutes after the call, accessing your personal link on the web, you will be able to see your most important mistakes from the call and specific vocabulary for the situation.

Thanks to this feedback you will learn very quickly from your mistakes, armed with tools for future similar situations.

Let yourself be guided by specialist native speakers and improve your fluency, confidence and creativity.