You will gain confidence in yourself and you will make better use of your opportunities.

You will increase your social relationships and your circle of influence will grow.

You will increase your recognition and progress professionally.

Personal, social and professional success depends greatly on your ability to communicate.


Learn English in a natural and definitive way.

Invest in your future


Improve your speaking and communicate effectively.

Online English Academy specialised in speaking improvement through own method: solving daily life problems by speaking over the phone in English.

We will help you to discover your authentic potential, taking advantage of it to learn English language in a natural and definitive way.

Test yourself daily with different accents and real situations that will improve your speaking without realising it.


How to Test the BY SPEAKING Method


    Ask for a free test call. You will receive an e-mail with the necessary information about the test and your reservation.


    Solve the situation of the day and experience the By Speaking method.


    From your profile on the web, you will see your main mistakes and practical vocabulary from the setting.


    If you want to continue with us, make the subscription for a month from your profile. Together we will improve your English speaking!

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In the same week you come into contact with different accents from different countries. On Monday you could be reserving a night in a hotel in London on Tuesday changing your mobile contract with an operator from New Zealand and on Wednesday calling your boss from Ohio USA explaining that you can’t go to work. This way you will improve your listening comprehension and vocabulary as quickly as possible.

Calls have a duration of 6-7 minutes, and can be made at any time of the day. While you prepare breakfast, on the way to work or leaving the gym. The system is compatible with any schedule, you will not have an excuse to not improve your speaking.

The system is realized through calls and review of the feedback in your personal portal. This will give you the comfort of not losing time on trips. Both the calls and the review can be done with your mobile wherever you want. It does not matter that it rains, that you have the car damaged or you go on vacation abroad, you can keep moving forward.

Solving real situations with natives you will learn naturally and without realizing it. You will learn practical vocabulary that you will use in your daily life: in the family, social or professional environment. The settings are different every day, presenting a challenge that will undoubtedly force you to get the best out of you.

You will have a native exclusively for you during each call. Our staff is prepared to adapt to your level, guiding the conversation so that the solvent in the best possible way. This will give you great confidence, which will eliminate your fears and boost your creativity.

There is no visual contact, so the difficulty is higher. Prepare yourself in the worst of conditions and you will thus acquire more confidence for a real situation.

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